January 29, 2009

Peaceful Morningtime

On the rare occasion, I save my homework to be done in the morning.  This means that I have either had too busy a day to do it ahead of time, or I'm just plain tired and need to go to bed.  Thus, I proclaim to wake up early and do my homework for that day instead of doing it the night before. I should really do this more often, because I frequently find these times the most peaceful part of my day.  

I wake up, have a shower, make a cup of tea (because it's usually an hour or so earlier than my normal wake up time... so I need a bit of a caffeine boost), and sit and do my homework.  I am not distracted by anything, there is no noise to be heard except a rare ding of the elevator next to my room, and the morning sun shines in through the giant window of my apartment, making it a perfectly lit. I have the morning absolutely to myself, and I think about my day ahead.  I get my work done, and it's very nice to begin my day with something worthwhile like learning. 

I can't say that waking up is the easiest part of this process;  I am known to hit my snooze button a good 5 or 6 times before actually waking up... my poor roommate.  Yet after I get out of bed, I realize what a nice time of day it is, and give thanks for that private time.  


Vincent said...

A Mahoney waking up early! I never thought I would live to see the day!

Lisa said...

You are more and more like Dad every day. He would be so proud!

Anonymous said...

Hi Belva!

I liked the old name better. BWR all over is the name of a newspaper.

Stay more like your Mom, she is the one every body loves to be around! I'm just lucky to be her husband.

Love Dad