March 4, 2009

I got It

... SLU 101 that is! SLU 101  is the program that every incoming freshman has to attend during the summer, and it requires 20 upperclassmen to work as student leaders.  Lots of people apply, some get individual interviews, and out of those a few get one of the positions.  I got one.  I'm so excited and so relieved.  So far, my summer has been one big question mark, and slowly it has diminished to what resembles a period.  There is still a little tail of the question mark left, but it too will be gone in due time.  

I love accomplishing things like this.  I've always had that oomph in me when I want something, and I gear every ounce of energy in my body towards achieving that something.  Not to say that I've gotten everything I wanted in life, but more to say that I have the ability to work very hard to gain what it is that I truly desire.  It's really nice to know that I stand out amidst the crowd sometimes.  

Next topic:

So I'm sitting on my bed, with papers, binders, and books scattered about.  I've got one more test tomorrow and a few more things to write for French.  Part of me lately has been wondering why I'm wasting my time in business classes.  I find my courses to be anything but intellectually stimulating.  I guess History and French do the trick, but nothing says "interesting" like good 'ol Managerial Statistics, right?  Wrong.  I think back on my high school days of Honors English courses and salivate at the thought of writing essays and reading poetry.  I'm really good at that stuff.  Yeah, that's right, I called it "stuff."  I've come to realize that my intellectual curiosity has been left unsatisfied as a student in the Business School... even though wearing my Banana Republic business suit makes me feel pretty great about life.  I realized this as I was starting my application process for a few study abroad scholarships.  They all require an "academic essay," which has a prompt about a moment when an intellectual "aha" moment has sent shivers down my spine.   I don't know when I had that feeling last.... but I want it again.  I am excited to write that essay, because it will force me to do some outside reading and artistic discovery.  

I'm just tired of memorizing things that include the words, "inventory, transactions, accounts, systems, planning, forecasting, purchase, profit, sales, blah, blah, blah."  Anyways, this blog writing is not going to get me a better grade on my midterm tomorrow, but it sure feels more rewarding to write than to study right now.  

Next topic: 

I can't wait until spring break!  It's next week already and I can't believe the semester is already half way finished.  I'm not ok with that.  However, I am ok thinking about the idea that my friends and I will be relaxing on the beach next week in LA.  Four of us are going out to stay with my friend Neil's family, and it's going to be great.  We plan on an immediate grocery trip, then completely morphing into California beach bums for the rest of the week.  It will be nice to spend some quality time in a new place with some great people.  There will be an entry about our adventures at a later date. 

For now, it's back to studying Accounting for me.  Woohoo!