December 10, 2008

Midnight Breakfast

I'm in the library right now... mentally preparing to get into my 82938747th study session of the day it seems.  I have two exams tomorrow, and the first one is at 8am.  I hate having two exams on the same day because it's so unfair to have to budget my time, confuse the material, and figure out which one is more important to study for.  So, I've been going back and forth between Information Technology Management (ITM - the class is just about as interesting as the title implies.. if not less so) and Psychology.  

The point of this post was to discuss the Midnight Breakfast, a great SLU tradition.  Every finals week, the Student Government puts on a midnight breakfast from 10pm-12am.  There is delicious and plentiful amounts of food, and best of all, it's FREE! Students line up outside the doors and wait to get in before seats of the Freshman dorm cafeteria run out.  I got there early and was about the 20th person in line.  Not too bad.  So now I'm back at the library by 10:40 with my cup of cocoa-to-go in hand, ready for some studying.  The library is right across from the cafeteria, so I can still hear the music they were playing outside -- classic Christmas tunes. All I want to do right now is go dance in the snow.  There is no snow on the ground, so that's impossible.  But I still want to do it.  I don't want to study anymore today!  

The Midnight Breakfast is one of the greatest parts of finals week, because you see tons of people you know, you go with your friends, and you get to eat massive amounts of breakfast food after a long day of studying.  It's the most necessary of study breaks.  

I've already kicked 2 of my finals in the bum, so I've had a good start.  After tomorrow, I'll be 2/3 of the way through!  I don't have any more until Monday and Tuesday, so I've got a nice little break coming up.  Tomorrow night I've scored a ticket to see the Rockettes at the nearby Fox Theater, and a group of 4 girlfriends of mine are all going together.  I'm excited!  It will just want me to be able to kick my legs up high though, which might not be so good for those standing in front of me.  Oh well.  

Alright, I think I've procrastinated enough.  Back to my oh-so-boring ITM studying.  Databases, anyone? 

December 6, 2008


Why does everything fun seem to happen right around finals week?
For example:
- Gingerbread making activities 
- Basketball games
- Formals 
- Multiple Christmas parties for various clubs
- A Capella group concerts
- One-act plays 

... just to name a few.  As a highly involved member of the SLU community, I like to participate in many such events.  However my professors have done every bit they can to make that impossible.  Last week (the week before finals begin) was filled with multiple projects, papers, and homework assignments. This is not conducive for getting a good jump on studying.  Monday is the last day of class, Tuesday is "study day" and finals go from  Wednesday until Tuesday.  I have managed to score cumulative finals in 5 out of 6 classes, and the first one is on the STUDY DAY.  Now, I think my professor read the words "study day" wrong... because I'm pretty sure they imply a day designated for studying, not test taking.  So yes, I am one of the lucky students who's finals not only begin before the allotted "finals week" period, but they also last until the very last day as my Statistics final takes place at 8am on Tuesday.  I am a bit bitter about the fact that my study day has been usurped by a dreadful test. Many of my fellow students are leisurely taking their 3 or 4 non-cumulative finals and finishing them well before the very last day.  Arg.  So as I've previously stated, it's been nearly impossible for me to participate much in recent campus events which just kills me.  I love how the campus conveniently gets even more active right around the time that everyone has to lock themselves deep in the corridors of Pius Library.  Especially me.  

So, needless to say, I will be very happy to reach the end of this semester, even if it calls for a disappointing lack of attendance to all of the other fun things that I could be doing.  

Now I'm going to leave the library and bring my books to the gym where I'll hopefully lose calories and add to my wealth of knowledge. 

 Elliptical machine + textbook + Kelly = super SLUdent 
(too cheesy?) 

The opposite of what I'm trying to demonstrate this week: