January 18, 2009

Back in Action

After settling in last week for my re-entry to the University life, I'm looking ahead at my semester with excitement, hopefulness, and a bit of intimidation.  

Last week is what we students refer to as "Syllabus Week," meaning that each class is relatively pointless as we go over what is on the syllabus and learn the expectations for the semester ahead.  It's great because little to no homework is assigned, and for a blissful couple of days, we live the dream.  We don't have work to do yet, we've just gotten back from break excited to reunite with all of our friends, and we have a new supply of energy with which to go forth in the semester. Everyone is excited to see each other, and that elevator/hallway small talk of "How have you been?" has not yet transitioned from sincere to mundane.  Not to mention that my refrigerator and pantry are newly stocked with actual food, and I have yet to run out of flex points on my student card. I am a happy kid. 

This weekend is the transitional weekend between syllabus week (aka college heaven) and real life.  I was welcomed into that transition with a 4.5 hour long Executive Board meeting for one of my clubs this fine Sunday morning.  I am extremely excited about my new position in this organization, but I was hard-pressed to find that excitement by the 3rd hour of debate and detailed discussion. 

 Now I'm back in my room, and I just devoured a delicious ham and cheese.  I'm looking at the array of laundry, dishes, dustbunnies, and stacks of random papers and homework on my desk that are begging for my attention.  I'll admit: I feel a little intimidated right now.  How can there already be this much to do when I've only been here for a week?  

Needless to say, I've come down from my syllabus week high and now it's back to crunch time.  I'm determined to make this semester even greater than the last.  A few of my goals are as follows: 
- Be a better friend 
- Be a better student
- Focus more on my faith 
- Stay on top of my schoolwork
- Be accountable for my commitments
- Keep my priorities in line when conflicts arise 
- Exercise more
- Have more fun 
- Stress less 
- Do more yoga 
- Get the summer job I want 

... to name a few.  The purpose of writing these out is more for my benefit than anyone who reads it.  I want to start vocalizing my goals more because it helps me feel accountable for it. 

In conclusion, I'm going to make some banana bread. 

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Lisa said...

You are sooo your dad's daughter. Goal oriented. Good luck with the semester!