April 26, 2010

Footprints on Mother Earth

Mother Earth, underneath a circle of friends
5 carbon footprints

In light of Earth Day, I would like to dedicate this blog post to Mother Earth. St. Louis has a number of annual festivities, and one of my favorites is the Earth Day Festival in Forest Park. Passionate citizens take this opportunity to set up booths with their "Green Products," tasty foods, and the latest in green technology exhibits. Spring in St. Louis offers a number of picnic-able days, so this event typically provides a great opportunity to spend some time learning about how to care better for Mother Earth in the great outdoor setting of Forest Park.

However, this Earth Day Festival got a little bit muddy. One of my favorite days of the year was graced with a steady drizzle and pour, so I cut my time at the outdoor festivities short and resorted to recreational coffee drinking... indoors. Having learned little from the unexpectedly short time spent at the festival of all things green, I decided to purchase this book in order to find a few new ways to live with Mother Earth in mind--365 of them to be exact. So although I tried to pay my tributes, I ended up with more "earth" on my shoes than anything else. What did you do to celebrate Mother Earth?

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