August 23, 2009

Hong Kong

Mark and I on the tram at night - headed for a night out in Hong Kong
A stand in the Jade Market in Kowloon
This bird just got a bath at the Bird Market
The night view from the Peak of Hong Kong - amazing!
The Big Buddha on Lantau island

Taken from the Star Ferry while crossing the bay

Me in front of Times Square

Hong Kong was an amazing city! I had a blast exploring all of the different markets and sites. On the first day, we went to the Jade Market, the Bird Market, and the Flower Market. I couldn't stop taking photos, because there were so many beautiful things! It's a truly international city, and everything is so modern and civilized. It's the easiest city to get around, with multiple forms of transportation. You can take the metro (MTR), the tram, taxis, buses, or ferries just about anywhere in minutes! The landscape is unbelievable - the skyscraping city is nestled between the harbor and a lush island on either side. I was definitely amazed when Mark took me up to the Peak. I've never seen a city skyline so dense and amazing! We had a great time going out at night, walking around during the day, and doing a little shopping here and there. I didn't feel quite as foreign in Hong Kong, because you can get by anywhere speaking English. I also had a great time seeing Mark's high school stomping ground. He went to school in Hong Kong, so I got to see that as well as his old home. Seeing someone's past definitely helps you understand them in the present.

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