November 12, 2008


I've been studying for my statistics exam all day and night, and now I want to blog.  I would go to sleep right now but I still have remnants of the wings that my Red Bull gave me earlier.   So I decided that I'd blog, but I would talk about statistics so as to not completely lose focus before taking my test tomorrow.  Great idea, right?  

I thought I would come up with a list of interesting statistics to share, and in search I found this website called worldometer.  It is informative, interesting, striking, saddening, angering, aggravating, and capturing all at the same time.  Part of me just wanted to look and see which numbers were moving the quickest, but that resulted in great despair when I saw that in the "Health" the number rising at the fastest rate is the number of abortions this year.  The steady increase of the number is striking to say the least.  I think this website does a great job of putting the statistics of our world into a visible and perceivable sense.  

I think if we all saw how the actions of our world look as a whole, we would think a little more about our own personal actions and how they affect the whole.  This website has certainly made me think about what I am doing to contribute to any of the rising numbers.  The idea of humanity acting as a whole captivates me, and this website is a prime example of the religious idea that "although we are many parts, we are all one body."  Maybe tomorrow, when I'm acing my test, I'll stop for a minute and think about how the computations and calculations I'm making can increase everyone's ability to see the choices that our world makes as a whole.  Maybe tomorrow I'll reach down to my rosary-ring on my keychain while walking to class and say a decade for all of the unborn children that will be stripped of their opportunity to live that day.  Maybe tomorrow I'll say a prayer for the people who died of hunger today and wonder why that number even exists considering the number of  "tons of food produced" is racing out of control.   

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Vincent said...

great post!

That website is crazy

but to cheer you up, abortions was a little slower than cigarettes smoked. Bleh!