November 10, 2008

Let the blogging begin!

The start of a blog is a bit intimidating.  I have a great desire to come up with something hugely revolutionary to begin my blogging and engage readers... but right now I've got nothing.  

Thus, I'll start with my reasoning for this blog.  Over the past couple of days I've been trying to re-evaluate myself.  This was sparked by a recent psychology homework assignment in which I had to compare my "ideal self" with my "actual self."  I scampered through a number of exercises that provoked thoughts about how confident, dependable, independent-thinking, good-looking, talented, motivated, intelligent.... I am.  The list was far more extensive but all the more thought-provoking.  Anyways, long story short I came up with my own little theory through this exercise.  That is this:  by pretending to be the ideal version of yourself you'll develop into your ideal self.  I want to be my ideal self!  All day long I've been acting in ways that my "ideal self" would act.  Her name is Kelly, and she is a great gal.  You should get to know her, because I am enjoying doing so myself.  

My actual self is currently far too out-of-touch with her family and friends that extend throughout the North American continent.  My actual AND ideal self also loves to write and talk to others.  My actual AND ideal self loves her family and friends very much, and wants them to be "in the know" about my life. 

So, all in all, this is my effort to keep in better touch with the people I love very dearly, and maybe even show parts of myself to those I don't know so well.  I mean, it is the internet after all, and I'm aware that anyone can read this.  So I hope this serves as a form of information, entertainment, laughter, thoughts, prayers, and overall communication with anyone who reads this!

Now I'm off to finish the scrumptious baked sweet potato that I cooked while I was at conditioning for frisbee practice and hit the library (leaving something in the oven unattended... may or may not be a bad idea)!  


rachnd1213 said...

Kelly, I totally understand on the need to write something that's great or novel or entertaining. I've gotten over it and just write like myself. People keep reading, so maybe that is the best approach. I look forward to reading your blog!

Vincent said...

wow Kelly, yeah this is tough, I just went through the things you listed

how confident, dependable, independent-thinking, good-looking, talented, motivated, intelligent.... I am

and the only thing I think I've hit is GOOD LOOKING!

but I think we all already knew that!

but in all seriousness. I'm starting from your first post and moving through them now. Excited to see what you have to say!