November 30, 2009

The New York Times Should Hire Me

Today, I decided to grab a delicious lunch at L'As du Fallafel, the most famous fallafel joint in Paris. Every day, lines of people stand outside waiting to buy their beloved fallafel. You have the option to get it to go, or dine in. Today, I chose "to go." Some people come every other day, some once a week, some once a month, and some for the first time. Either way, it's messy, it's vegetarian, it's top notch, and it's delicious!

After I returned chez moi, I decided to search the web for some supplementary information on this delicious resto. I found this article in the New York Times, and I almost fell off my figurative chair in disbelief of the similarities between the photo I took of my own fallafel today and the photo in the article! See the comparison below:

My Photo:

Photo from The New York Times:

After this find, I realized that I definitely have a future in photo journalism. What do you think?

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